September 24, 2023

When you’ve ever puzzled why your college students wander across the classroom and simply… dump their toys on the ground, you then’re not alone!

Let’s face it, we’ve all had kids in our lecture rooms wandering aimlessly from heart to heart pulling tubs of toys off the cabinets with out ever taking part in with them.

The reality is, it is a pretty typical situation within the early childhood classroom.

The query then is: Why oh why do toddlers (and preschoolers) do this? 

And most significantly, how are you going to educate them not to do it?

To reply this query, I’ve invited the sensible Dr. Carolyn Bobb-Green.

When you’ve been listening to the podcast for some time (thanks for that), then this isn’t the primary time I’ve had Carolyn over.

And this gained’t be the final both!

Hear in as she and I attempt to reply the age previous query: Why do toddlers do what they do?

Are you prepared?

Let’s dive in!

Why Do Your College students Wander Across the Classroom and Dump Toys?

[Image quote: “Teachers have categorized dumping as a misbehavior. But it's not misbehaving, it is actually accomplishing a milestone. We just have to put it in the right category and show [students] how to appropriately use it.” - Dr. Carolyn Bobb-Green]

To reply this query, you must first break it down into two elements, as a result of there are two completely different behaviors at play right here:

  1. Why do college students wander round?
  2. Why do college students dump toys?

Let’s deal with every one by itself.

Why Do Youngsters Wander Across the Classroom?

Each time a toddler walks into the classroom, there are such a lot of nice issues in a row that they discover themselves overwhelmed and never figuring out what to do. 

And that is partly due to us, early childhood educators. Numerous occasions, we neglect to take the time to indicate kids play and work together within the atmosphere that they’re in. 

We all the time must do not forget that to our college students, the classroom is a international atmosphere. It’s not their home or their bed room or their favourite park. It’s not someplace they’re used to but. 

So it solely is smart that your college students would simply wander across the classroom, trying (and feeling) a bit misplaced. They’re merely attempting to determine issues out and learn to work together on this new place.

So, what can we do to assist them?

Properly, take into consideration these kids in your classroom. They don’t know the place to go or what to do or play, which is why now we have to assist them a bit and provides them route. 

When you do this and your college students understand how they’ll work together within the classroom, that’s when the dumping begins occurring.

Why Do Youngsters Dump Toys Across the Classroom?

[Image quote: “We see [children wandering around and dumping toys] as the end of the world, but it's normal!” - Vanessa Levin]

As a lot of , the lifetime of a toddler or a younger youngster is all about… milestones! And that is no completely different. Consider it or not, dumping and pouring is a milestone; it’s a part of your college students’ growth.

Youngsters that age have a necessity that needs to be fulfilled not directly, and dumping might be how they do this. 

Understanding that’s why kids are dumping is step one in direction of discovering an answer that works for us and for our college students. That’s the solely manner you’ll be capable to have some type of management over the sort of scenario.

You want to grasp, there may be no toddler on the market simply sitting and considering “I can’t wait to make my instructor offended.” By dumping and pouring toys within the classroom, a toddler is just not misbehaving, they’re merely hitting a developmental milestone.

Little children be taught all in regards to the world by exploring it, and this conduct is simply one of many some ways they use to take action. 

So, everytime you see a toddler wandering round and dumping toys, remember the fact that you’ll be able to’t rush them by this stage. As a substitute, what you can do is information them by that stage and assist them fulfill their want within the atmosphere round them. 

How do you do this precisely? Properly, that’s one thing Carolyn and I focus on in additional depth within the episode above, so, I invite you to go and hearken to it to be taught every little thing you want to learn about information your college students by this milestone. 

I promise, you’ll benefit from the dialog simply as a lot as I did!