May 31, 2023

SurrogateFirst State of Surrogacy 2023 survey outcomes are actually out there! The survey aim is to assist carry to mild the challenges and developments in surrogacy to assist all events concerned to have a safer, smoother and profitable journey. 



Surrogates are really particular. The#1 and #2 most vital factorto selecting to turn out to be a surrogate is “The need to assist a pair have a household” and “Calling to assist others in want.”Moreover, they’re extra educated and have the next family revenue than theaverage American lady.

Surrogates are HAPPY!How Comfortable? 8 out of 10 surrogates said to be “happy” or “very happy” with their total journey; witha giant majority, 83% of surrogates, statingthey wouldconsider being a repeat surrogate.

Key to Surrogacy Success? Robust household help.Crucial supply of help for surrogates duringtheir journey wasfamily, 93% stating household as “vital” or “essential”.

Surrogacy advantages andbase compensation each jumped.Surrogacy advantages rose35% from$9,100 in 2019 to$12,300 in 2023. Base compensation rose slower, however new base compensation expectations havealso climbed from$50,000 in 2023 to$61,000 for futurejourneys a 22% enhance.

Supermajority of surrogates didn’t expertise postpartum despair and would take into account surrogacy once more.75% of surrogatesdid not experiencepostpartum despair or emotional challenges. 83% wouldconsider surrogacy once more, which ismost likelybecause 80%+ had passable journeys.

Strict stance on termination.Solely 3percentallow for termination for beauty causes –lacking limb, minor deformity. 13percentadheretono termination in any respect with 50percentallowing termination for main life threatening medical causes, doctorrecommendation solely.

Surrogates stay in excessive demand.Constant quick surrogate match instances, 30percentwithin 3 months and 69% inside 6 months; latest spike of twenty-two% in basecompensation expectations for future journeys and excessive first time switch success charges mirror theon-going demand of certified surrogates.

Surrogacy is a multi-year endeavor.It takes a median of 12.6 monthsto go from consideration to being matched with anIP(supposed mother or father). The common time fromconsideration to dedication is7.1 months, and the typical timefromcommitmentto being matched is 5.5 months. Thisdoesn’teven take into consideration the makes an attempt toget pregnant and theactualpregnancy andpost-pregnancyrecovery.

Majority of surrogates select to work with an company.54% of surrogate journeysused an company versus35% whomanageditthemselves and the remaining12percentwere managed primarily by theIP.

1 in 2 surrogateswilling to work with LQBTQ IPs.49% werewilling to work with a samesex couple. Genuinely,solely 17% didso; which is probably going as a result of incapability of impartial surrogates to search out such IPs.

Surrogates not looking for assist formental well being points.Giant majority of surrogates skilled no emotionalissues, 75% and the frequency ofpostpartum despair is just like that of the nationwide common of 1 of seven (14%) at (15%-17%). Nevertheless, issuesarise on the low ratereceiving remedy, lower than half at 46%.It isno marvel that the postpartum journey is the leastsatisfied a part of thejourney. 

#1 Surrogate Pet Peeve.Getting Again to Pre-Being pregnant Weight –39% of surrogates said that they struggled with getting backto pre-pregnancy weight.Surrogate publish journey help on this space is want and missing attnetion.


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